Our Issue: Aging

Our Issue: Aging

One League; one mission; one community-based impact model. 

In May 2012, the membership of the Junior League of Greensboro had a decision. Did members want the JLG to continue funding a number of programs that broadly impacted our community? Or did members want the JLG to shift its time, talent and treasure toward a focused, singular community impact initiative?

The membership voted for the JLG to make a strategic, historic move to concentrate all of the League’s community impact initiatives on one issue. Since that time much thought and research has gone into determining the issue best served by the resources and talent of the League. During the 2016–2017 League year, we directed our focus to the needs of the aging population. The proposal process was opened to community organizations interested in partnering with the League to address the needs older adults.

Why Aging

Demographic projections show the percentage of the population in Greensboro age 65 and older will likely grow at faster rates than other age categories for many years in the future. While many adults are living longer, healthier lives, a large number need help with transportation, housing modifications, access to nutritious food, and continued social interaction.

Our Partners

Over the past year the Junior League of Greensboro has worked diligently to identify organizations throughout Greensboro that serve older adults and their caregivers.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group $1,375 | 7–9 volunteers

In partnership with Senior Resources, this project involves implementing a Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group for indMduals (55+1 who are serving as the primary caregivers of youth in order to provide them with the tools and resources they need to establish successful family units. Junior League volunteers will help plan and conduct support group meetings by identifying and inviting speakers, serving dinner, introducing speakers and providing general supervision for the grandchildren. Volunteers will also be responsible for planning and implementing a career night to expose the grandchildren to diverse work experiences and opportunities. This committee will assist with the annual Jingle Bell Ball and host a toy drive for the event.

Community Housing Solutions of Guilford $15,000 | 8–10 volunteers

In partnership with Community Housing Solutions of Guilford, this project involves providing services to elderly and disabled people who cannot physically or financially do the repairs or modifications themselves. Junior League volunteers will assist with repairs and construction for six Saturday events.

Corporation of Guardianship: Friends Against Fraud $10,200 | 8–10 volunteers

Corporation of Guardianship provides support for approximately 125 older adults in the community. The Project program is offered to the community to help raise awareness of elder financial abuse and to help prevent older adults from being financially exploited. Volunteers will plan and promote events, act as trainers at the events, and help with day-of event logistics.

Food Assistance $3,000 | 8–10 volunteers

Food Assistance serves seniors (62+1 and low income families without transportation in Guilford County who are homebound and not receiving Mobile Meals or substantial food stamps. Junior League volunteers will assist in the warehouse or food deliveries .

Well-Spring Solutions: Health Optimization Project $3,500 I 6–8 volunteers

Well-Spring Solutions provides meaningful activities for participants while freeing up family members during the work day at a Group Respite Site. Health Optimization is a new program designed to enhance the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of adults who attend. The fitness component of this program will involve Junior League volunteers observing current fitness routines, collecting thoughts from participants on what they would like in new fitness routines and then researching / selecting new fitness routines for use. The new fitness routines should be based on best practices and/or evidenced based research. Junior League volunteers will lead participants in new fitness routines and train the staff/other volunteers how to best implement the program.

Kids in the Kitchen $2,000 | 6–8 volunteers

Kids in the Kitchen is a national Junior League initiative that began in 2006. Kids in the Kitchen addresses the growing problem of childhood obesity by using hands-on curriculum that educates both the parent and child on healthy eating choices. Junior League volunteers will be responsible for delivering food demonstrations for children at LeBauer Park monthly.

Raising a Reader $1,500 | 14–6 volunteers

Raising A Reader helps families develop, practice, and sustain home literacy routines by placing books in the hands and homes of students. Junior League volunteers will be responsible for the logistics of rotating books among the Kindergarten classes at Cone Elementary.

Community Impact $1,830 | 14–6 volunteers

The Community Impact Fund is used for one-time emergency assistance within our community. This figure represents 5% of our overall funding.