Junior League of Greensboro Donates Community Impact Fund to Tornado Relief Efforts

Tornado Relief Effort

The Junior League of Greensboro announces support of Community Housing Solutions for tornado relief efforts.

The League recently voted to allocate the Community Impact Fund to tornado relief in Greensboro. The Community Impact Fund is a percentage of the Junior League of Greensboro’s annual community program budget and is used to meet an unplanned, immediate need in the community when it arises.

After the recent tornado in Greensboro, the League opened a community impact donor fund to combine with the Community Impact Fund. In less than 24 hours, this fund received more than $1,000 in donations. The Junior League Community Impact Fund committee voted to give both budgeted and donated funds (over $3,000 to date) to Community Housing Solutions.

Community Housing Solutions, a Greensboro non-profit organization, spent the last week supporting impacted families with triage home repair support. This included putting tarps on home roofs and boarding up windows to mitigate further damage. This is the first step to begin to make homes habitable again, as what remains must be preserved.

The Junior League of Greensboro is committed to supporting Community Housing Solutions and their tornado relief efforts through the end of May. To support this initiative, donations will be accepted to the Community Impact Fund through May 31, 2018.

Building a Better Community

Kids in the Kitchen

by Jamie Huffman, Community Program Chair

Our community programs have been very busy this League year! I am proud of our community programs and all that they have accomplished (photos follow this post).

Our Raising A Reader committee has been encouraging the kids at Cone Elementary to read with their families. They will be ending the school year with a graduation celebration.

Friends Against Fraud did an excellent job educating the elderly about financial abuse. They still have three events remaining for the League year.

Community Housing Solutions did an outstanding job this year, as they made home improvements for a few elderly people in our community. They used power tools and their strong muscles to get these projects done.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren worked hard as they worked with both the grandparent population and the children. This year they hosted a jingle bell ball, a fall festival, and a career day. Each event was a success.

Kids in the Kitchen has had an incredible year by encouraging and educating kids and their parents about healthy food choices.

Food Assistance has one more Saturday event for this League year. They have been busy preparing bags of food for the elderly in need.

Adult Center for Enrichment spent the first part of the League year researching fitness routines for elderly members at a group respite site. The later part of the year, they have been working hard to find and make fitness videos to pass on to the local respite sites.

I would like to say Thank You to every Junior League member that volunteered with our community programs; we greatly appreciate all of your help!


Thank you,

Jamie Huffman

Community Program Chair ’17-18


Help Support Local Storm Victims

Tornado Relief Effort

Severe storms and an unconfirmed tornado wreaked havoc in the Triad on Sunday, April 15, causing damage to hundreds of homes, businesses, trees, and electricity poles and resulting in one fatality. The most significant damage was reported in eastern Greensboro and authorities have declared a local state of emergency.

We’re inspired by our members, neighbors, and others in our community who are eager to help. In response, The Junior League of Greensboro is now accepting monetary donations to directly support those affected by these storms as part of our Community Impact Fund. It’s easy to donate through our website, and your tax-deductible donation will help address the immediate needs of local citizens.

Greensboro storm relief donations made to the Community Impact Fund are part of a restricted giving campaign that will be used solely for the purpose of community support needed as a direct result of the April 15th weather events. If you have a request for a local need, please send your inquiries to our Vice President of Community Programs, Kierson Taylor (

If you would also like to assist by giving your time, please contact Erin Kennedy ( to volunteer in the clean-up efforts.

Thank you for your support!


Susanne Hal

The Triad Business Journal recently recognized 40 local professionals under the age of 40 who have made an impact in their professional career as well as in their communities. We are proud of Junior League member Susanne Hall, who was one of the outstanding leaders recognized in the 2018 class.

In her nine years with the Junior League of Greensboro (JLG), Susanne has had roles with Hands on Help, ArtQuest, Leadership Development Assistance Chair, Leadership Development Chair, Recording Secretary on the Executive Board, Membership Advisor, and Donor Development. Here are some of Susanne’s insights, as she reflects on her recent recognition as well as her time in the JLG.

Congratulations on your award! Can you tell us more about it?
The Triad Business Journal gives a nice description of what the award truly means:

“The 40 honorees are accomplished leaders over age 21 and under 40 who are leaving an indelible mark not just in their workplaces but across the region. In addition to their professional achievements, they are active in many local nonprofits and civic causes, addressing issues ranging from education to poverty to social injustice to bolstering the quality of life in the Triad.”

What was your career path like? How did you achieve your current role?
When I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill, I was on the path to work in advertising and/or marketing. I had completed three internships in the industry and soon after graduation took a job with Carolina Ballet in marketing. A couple years into the job, I knew I wanted a change. At that time, my dad was planning for retirement and working on succession planning for my family’s manufacturing business, Wysong. That’s when my cousin and I were brought on board.

That seems like a big change. What was that transition like?
The business could not have been more different: I had gone from selling ballet tickets to selling capital manufacturing equipment, but the opportunity turned out to be one of the best I could ask for. I learned all the ins and outs of the company’s operations, financials, strategic planning, HR, IT, and many other areas. This led me to pursue my MBA at the Bryan School of Business in the evenings. My undergraduate education was in psychology and communications, so I needed a better business education base, and it certainly made a huge difference. Today, I am representing the fourth generation of leadership at Wysong, serving as Executive Vice President, and enjoying leading the company in new directions.

What advice do you have for young professionals looking to make a big impact at an early stage in their career?
I have two primary pieces of advice: Never underestimate the importance of hard work and don’t let fear get in the way of your career or what you want. It is very easy to try to take shortcuts in your career, but hard work allows you to learn the lessons that will take you further in the long run. In addition, if you let fear stop you from taking steps to further your career you will only hold yourself back and regret it later.

Has your involvement with the JLG helped you develop as a leader?
I have grown a great deal thanks to my experience in the JLG. I think the biggest impact that being in the organization has had on my career came from chairing Leadership Development and organizing the 2014 Women’s Leadership Summit. Putting on an event of that size was very eye opening and improved a number of my skills that are relevant in my career, including strategic planning, public speaking, and financial management, to name a few. One of my favorite JLG memories is hearing Jenna Bush Hager speak at the 2014 Women’s Leadership Summit. It was the culmination of all the hard work that had gone into that amazing event. My work with the JLG has also helped me serve on the Greensboro History Museum Inc.’s Board of Trustees. I have used what I’ve learned from working on the JLG Board to help this organization and give back to my community.

Congratulations, Susanne! This is a huge honor and we know you have worked very hard to earn it!

April GMM Sponsored by Greensboro Day School

The Junior League of Greensboro is happy to announce that Greensboro Day School is sponsoring our General Membership Meeting on Monday, April 16.

Founded in 1970, Greensboro Day School (GDS) provides unsurpassed Pre-K through grade 12 education and develops the intellectual, ethical, and interpersonal foundations students need to become constructive contributors to the world. The 792 students enrolled at GDS are committed to the school’s core values of wisdom, community, and respect. Here, students are taught how to think, not what to think. We look forward to GDS hosting our April General Membership Meeting (GMM) on their 65-acre campus.

Additionally, we’re excited to open our April GMM to the public. Junior League members and provisionals are encouraged to invite friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and other networks as we open our doors to any local women who may be interested in joining the Junior League or learning more about us.

If this weren’t exciting enough, the Annual Fund will be giving away a trip to Antigua! Donate $25 to the Junior League of Greensboro Annual Fund to be entered in the giveaway. Donations will be accepted at GMM and the winner will be drawn at the conclusion of the meeting.

April GMM details:

Monday, April 16

Greensboro Day School

5401 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro, NC 27455

6 p.m. social hour | 7–8 p.m. business meeting