To The Junior League of Greensboro

HDSC_0726ave you recently moved to Greensboro or are relocating to the area? Consider transferring your membership to the Junior League of Greensboro! To transfer your membership, notify your current League’s Corresponding Secretary so that she can submit the transfer request through the AJLI system. We can help with the process; simply contact the JLG headquarters and our membership will welcome you! We’re excited to have you join us!

For more information about joining, contact Sally Cartwright (20172018 Corresponding Secretary) at

From The Junior League of Greensboro

To transfer your membership from the Junior League of Greensboro to another League, you will start the process by reaching out to Sally Cartwright (20172018 Corresponding Secretary) at If you are in good standing, she can initiate the transfer process with the League into which you are transferring.