Our Issue

Our Issue

One League; one mission; one community-based impact model.

In May 2012, the membership of the Junior League of Greensboro had a decision. Did members want the JLG to continue funding a number of programs that broadly impacted our community? Or did members want the JLG to shift its time, talent and treasure toward a focused, singular community impact initiative?

The membership voted for the JLG to make a strategic, historic move to concentrate all of the League’s community impact initiatives on education. The League opened an application process to all Title 1 elementary schools in Guilford County, and launched a multi-year partnership with Cone Elementary in 2013. It’s a mission-driven pursuit to support a hugely underserved and drastically underperforming school in the Greensboro community.

Why Title 1?

These schools have a large number of students from low-income families who are struggling with basic needs (food, clothing, shoes, toiletries, etc.) and academic success.

Why one school?

By concentrating our efforts on one school, the Junior League of Greensboro made a significant and lasting difference. The JLG’s three-year partnership with Cone provided funding and volunteers to bring outside programming or develop internal programming to directly impact this school. Together, Cone Elementary and the Junior League of Greensboro worked together to travel down the path to educational progress. Every student counts. Every dollar invested counts. After the formal three-year partnership with Cone Elementary ended in 2016, we decided to extend our focus on education one more year. During the 2016-2017 year, we continue to partner with Cone Elementary but are also partnering with various organizations within Greensboro that have programming with a specific emphasis on early childhood and elementary education.

What does the initiative look like?

All JLG community programs are focused on early childhood or elementary education — including literacy; parent involvement; basic needs, feeding programs, and supplies; health, wellness, and nutrition; and school enrichment. Beyond providing funding, approximately 85 volunteers work directly with programming within the community to truly make a difference in the lives of students within our community.

How has the decision been received?

The JLG was honored to be named Volunteer Organization of the Year for 2014 and to receive the North Carolina Governor Volunteer Service Award for Program of the Year for its community impact initiative on education and its partnership with Cone Elementary.