Unlike a calendar year, a year for the Junior League of Greensboro runs from June 1st to May 31st. The League takes a break from hosting General Membership Meetings during the summer months (June, July and August), but this does not mean there’s a break from volunteer opportunities during the summer. This is especially true for League members serving in leadership positions. For some committees, the summer months may be one of their busiest times of the year.

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February 2017

  • February 3 (Sa): Community Program Task Force
  • February 6 (Tu): Community Program Task Force Voting
  • February 8 (Th): Board Conference Call
  • February 10 (Sa): Budget Hearings
  • February 28 (W): Women to Watch (W2W) *UNCG Bryan School*

March 2017

  • March 1 (Th): Executive Committee Meeting
  • March 8 (Th): Board Meeting
  • March 12 (M): General Membership Meeting (GMM)
  • March 28 (W): Women to Watch (W2W) *UNCG Bryan School*
  • March 29 (Th): Executive Committee Meeting

April 2017

  • April 12 (Th): Board Meeting
  • April 16 (M): General Membership Meeting (GMM)
  • April 19 (Th)–April 22 (Su): AJLI Conference
  • Date TBD: Women’s Leadership Summit

May 2017

  • May 3 (Th): Board End of Year Celebration
  • May 7 (M): General Membership Meeting (GMM)
  • May 10 (Th): Executive Committee End of Year Celebration
  • May 19 (Sa): 90th Anniversary Signature Fundraiser Gala *Greensboro Country Club*