Recycle for a Rebate

DressCode Fall Incentive 2018

During the month of September DressCode is implementing a pilot program to “Recycle for a Rebate” we will resell and donate proceeds to a charity of your choice, either Junior League of Greensboro, Women’s Resource Center or United Way.

Bring in 3 of your gently used better or designer items and we will offer you a discount 20-40% off your purchase of new fall merchandise.

*Does not apply to special orders.
*Ladies, we only wear 25% of what’s in our closet so go through and see what you can recycle for your favorite cause.

• What does not sell will be donated to the Bargain Box
• DressCode is on a mission to recycle as much clothing as possible, to benefit non-profits that need our support
• Every quarter there will be another campaign to incent you and help others.

Spread the word, we can all make a difference.

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