Paulette J. Evans Named AJLI Member at Large

Paulette Evans

A member of the Junior League of Greensboro since 2009, you may know Paulette J. Evans as our current Headquarters Manager and member of the Bargain Box Task Force. You may also remember Paulette from her previous roles, including Monday Minute Editor, Treasurer, Finance Vice President, and Membership Engagement Task Force Chair. Recently, Paulette was elected Member At Large for the Governance Committee of the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI). Learn more about Paulette and this great honor.

Congratulations on your appointment! Can you tell us more about the committee?

The Governance Committee is responsible for strategic recruitment of applicants and presenting qualified candidates for election to AJLI governance positions.

What will your role entail? 

My two-year term begins June 1, 2018. I will attend the annual AJLI conference in the spring and meet with my team each November to create the slate for any available positions. Outside of those in-person meetings, my team meets every week via teleconference.

In this role, I will help accomplish accountability by determining annually, with the AJLI board, the specific competencies and experience needed in each position to complete the Association’s work effectively. I’ll ensure a broad range of members are informed about the availability of AJLI governance positions, as well as competencies required to serve in these elected positions. In addition, I will help identify and strategically recruit individuals who meet the requirements and understand the responsibility of serving in a governance position, and I will assess the individuals who apply for these positions. Together, I will work with my committee to decide which applicants best meet the position requirements and continually improve our nominating process.

Did you apply for the position? 

Yes. The application packet included four parts: a cover letter and Junior League leadership resume; two essays demonstrating proficiency in two of the nine AJLI competencies; a demographic questionnaire; and a social media disclosure. Once I made it through the application packet screening process, I was selected to participate in the interview phase, which also included multiple reference checks. After reviewing all of my information, the current Governance Committee determined that I would be a great fit for one of the upcoming at-large member positions.

What was the process like?

The process was extremely intense, yet very gratifying. I definitely appreciated the rigor around the process and how intentional the leadership team was about finding the right people and skill sets, based on current needs and future goals of AJLI. All decisions were objective; unlike nominating committees across countless organizations, it did not matter who you knew or what your last name was. Most of all, it was not a popularity contest — no one gets slated unless they truly deserve it!

What are you most looking forward to in your role with AJLI?

I am most excited about working for the Junior League in a global capacity. I have enjoyed all of the opportunities I have had as a JLG member; however, I am ready to volunteer at the next level. I am looking forward to learning as many best practices as possible from the other women I will be serving with and from the phenomenal staff at AJLI. And it goes without saying that I will share everything I learn with my home League!

What advice would you give other JLG members who may be interested in AJLI positions?

If anyone is interested in serving in AJLI leadership, they should aim to understand all aspects of their local league while serving in leadership positions. They also need to serve in other capacities within the community and in their professional lives; a well-rounded leader is the truest benefit to AJLI. Also, all of the information regarding the AJLI governance process can be found on the website (

Congratulations, Paulette, and best of luck as you begin your new role with the AJLI!

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