Community Program Spotlight: Food Assistance

Food Assistance

Imagine being in your home, hungry, and with no way to get food. This is a challenge that many senior citizens face due to low income, no income, or diminished mobility. In Guilford County alone, nearly 17,000 people age 60 and up experience food insecurity regularly. This year, the Junior League of Greensboro is working to make a difference in the aging population. One way we are doing this in our local community is by working with Food Assistance.

What is Food Assistance?

Food Assistance, Inc. (FAI) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Founded in 2003 by Jane Carlson, FAI serves low-income and disabled seniors in Guilford County.

How does the Junior League of Greensboro assist with Food Assistance?

The Junior League of Greensboro helps Food Assistance by volunteering one Saturday each month to help package groceries for Meals on Wheels. Volunteers work in the warehouse, getting groceries ready for delivery to seniors age 62 and up. In addition to packing groceries, some volunteers may choose to assist with food deliveries. The Junior League of Greensboro also provides monetary support to Food Assistance.

What is the Food Assistance Committee’s goal?

The goal of the Food Assistance Committee is to have each committee member complete six volunteer shifts in the Food Assistance warehouse in the program year.

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