Community Program Spotlight: Friends Against Fraud

Friends Against Fraud

It seems that scam attempts are everywhere during the holiday season, and we often hear stories of community members falling victim to fraud this time of year. With a new focus area on the aging community, Friends Against Fraud is one of several programs that the Junior League of Greensboro is supporting this year. Here, we shed light on this impactful program and how our members are making a difference.

What is Friends Against Fraud?
For our Friends Against Fraud initiative, the Junior League of Greensboro has partnered with the Corporation of Guardianship (CoG), a private non-profit that supports decision-making services for people with diminished capacity who don’t have friends or family available to help them. With the help of CoG and several other area non-profits, we’ve implemented an educational program that raises the awareness of elder financial abuse and helps teach aging adults and their caregivers how to protect themselves against financial fraud.

What is the Junior League of Greensboro’s role in this project?
So far this year, we’ve held three educational events in the community where we’ve shared the Friends Against Fraud presentation. We have had great attendance at these events and we’ve received an overwhelmingly positive and appreciative response from attendees. Beginning in April 2018, we’ll host three more events in an attempt to reach as many community members as possible.

What is your committee’s goal?
The goal of the Friends Against Fraud committee is to educate as many community members as possible on the prevalence of elder financial abuse and to train them on how they can protect themselves and loved ones against financial fraud.

How has the partnership with Friends Against Fraud and CoG made a difference?
The events we’ve hosted so far have helped those in attendance realize that while the dangers of financial fraud and abuse are everywhere, they are not alone. Almost everyone we’ve spoken to has had a story to share about how they’ve been affected by financial fraud. This is not just a problem for older adults — it’s a problem that impacts all of us.

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