Community Program Spotlight: Community Housing Solutions

Community Housing Solutions

This year, the Junior League of Greensboro shifted our focus area to the aging community. With this new focus, the League has partnered with several community programs, one of which is Community Housing Solutions. Here, we shed light on this impactful program and how our members are making a difference.

What is the Community Housing Solutions program?

The mission of Community Housing Solutions (CHS) is to provide decent, safe, and affordable housing to low-income households. The program works to eliminate substandard housing and to restore dignity and hope to families living in Guilford County neighborhoods.

How does the Junior League of Greensboro assist with this program?

As part of our focus on aging, the Junior League of Greensboro has partnered with CHS to repair the homes of elderly and disabled people in our community who cannot physically or financially complete the renovations themselves. The Junior League has committed to completing six home repair projects throughout the League year. Earlier this year we participated in Paint the Town, CHS’ annual one-day event. Our volunteers repainted a porch ceiling, front window shutters, and railings. Last month we assisted a disabled homeowner and their elderly mother by removing a metal ramp and replacing it with a leveled wooden ramp.

What is your committee’s goal?

First and foremost our goal is to address a need in our community, and we’re dedicated to improving our community through effective action. By partnering alongside CHS and providing trained volunteers and financial assistance, we are helping this program meet the needs of more individuals that they may not have otherwise had the means to reach. Secondly, we aim to be mindfully present in the work that we are doing and ensure that we are always representing what the League stands for in our community. We hope to provide our League members with a quality placement experience that may foster interaction with women who they might not have otherwise interacted with, expose members to areas of the community that they may not frequent or be familiar with, and allow our members to learn and utilize skills.

How has the partnership between the Junior League and CHS made a difference in the Greensboro community?

Earlier this year, Leatrice Priest, CHS Committee Chair, attended a luncheon before the Paint the Town event. When Gene Brown, President and Executive Director of CHS, introduced her as a Junior League representative and announced our partnership, the audience gave a standing ovation. Our presence has made a huge difference. Because these projects are labor intensive and costly, our support is twofold: We provide both labor hours and financial assistance. The builds enable our members to put a face to our volunteer work. For the individuals we are helping, the impact extends far beyond the Saturday we’ve spent with them.

How can other League members get involved?

The CHS committee invites League members to join us for an upcoming Saturday build project (January 20, March 17, May 19). If you are interested in volunteering for an upcoming project, please contact Leatrice Priest (


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