Why I Joined the League

Elizabeth Illig

By: Elizabeth Illig, Provisional Member 2017–2018

By the time I joined the league, most of my friends were already members. They had long touted the benefits of membership and frequently suggested I join. From Touch a Truck to the Women’s Leadership Summit, they listed endless opportunities for growth, philanthropy, and fellowship.

For my part, I was skeptical. Could the league really provide avenues for giving back while promoting career development to a diverse group of women?

After only six weeks in the JLG, I can tell you definitively that the answer is yes. Though I am still fairly new, I can already see how women in the League develop lasting friendships. I am already looking forward to attending the Women to Watch series to learn how to grow as a professional and a leader. And most importantly, I am already impressed by members’ sustained efforts to give back, whether working on a home with Community Housing Solutions or teaching children the benefits of healthy food choices through the Kids in the Kitchen program.

Not to mention, being a member is just downright fun. The Connections Committee plans monthly events ranging from exercise boot camps to haunted historical tours to promote, you guessed it, connections. The Special Events Committee is working on Big Night Out, a fall cocktail kicking off the Junior League’s Little Black Dress Initiative. And if you’re looking for a new outfit at an affordable cost, why not rifle through all 900 members’ closets at The Bargain Box?

I am continually in awe of the well-run, welcoming, charitable environment that is the Junior League of Greensboro. Looking back at the woman I was, questioning the impact of joining, I can only wonder what took me so long?

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